» Challenge Number 3: Summer Vacations Challenge!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Ultimate Johnlock Collaboration’s third challenge, the Summer Vacations Challenge!

Before we start, it’s important to point out that some things have changed: pairings are no longer mandatory. Although the whole point of TUJC is to bring people of the fandom together, from this challenge on it will be possible to work solo. That is because not everyone likes to work in pairs and because, as sometimes happens, people might drop out of the challenge and leave their partners on their own: this is to prevent that.
If your partner forfeits you, you can now just go ahead and post your part of the work, or something else entirely, or you can just say in the signing up form whether you’d like to work alone or not.

This time, the topic is something we’re all waiting for: summer vacations!

The challenge is the following:

Summer. Hot. Tourist. BORING. So, why don’t we send our boys on vacation? Choose your favourite holiday location (seaside, mountain, famous cities) and write about John and Sherlock relaxing under the sun! Perhaps awaiting a murder, or falling in love in a romantic setting?


1. This time there are no restrictions other than the work focusing on summer. It can be about anything, from Baker Street being too hot, to the beach being too crowded, to relatives demanding John and Sherlock’s presence away from London;

The work must be mainly Johnlock, but that doesn’t mean other pairings can’t be present. Be it a past relationship, a pairing on the background, anything works;
3.  Be creative and have fun!


1.  When submitting a work, make sure to tag it properly with the tags on the submission page;
2.  If you don’t submit a work but post it on your page instead, send me a link to it so that it can be reblogged on the TUJC main page;
3.  If you’re posting a fanfiction work on AO3, either post it directly on the Challenge Collection page or simply remember to write “TUJC Challenge #3 – Summer Vacations Challenge” or “SummerVacationsChallenge" in the “Collection” space;
4.  I will make a post stating all pairs, but you should still keep your askbox or IM open so you can be notified with the name of your partner (since tumblr’s tagging system is still pretty bad);
5. The works you post don’t have to be fanfictions! You can literally do anything you want (as long as it’s Johnlock and not offensive). Artists, video makers, everyone is invited to join the party;
6.  I’m always available to help you, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need something (but make sure your question doesn’t already have an answer in the FAQ section)!


Signing up period – May 19th to 29th
Pair selecting period – May 30th to June1st
Working period – June 2nd to 30th
Posting period – July 1st to 31st

End of challenge: AUGUST 1ST 2016
Time zone used: GMT +2:00 (Central European Time)


All you have to do is to fill this form before the deadline. Then you will only have to wait for the paired up teams to be posted!

Hello everyone! Since there’s been little to no subscriptions, I’ve decided to postpone the deadlines. Every mark will be pushed back by two weeks, so everyone will have time to wrap up with the school/uni/work stuff that usually piles up in this period of the year (which I had completely forgot about because I was too busy with my own exams to remember it’s finals period for everyone)!

The new deadlines are the following:

Signing up period – May 19th to June 15th
Pair selecting period – June 16th June 19th
Working period – June 20th to July 31st
Posting period – August 1st to 30th
End of challenge: SEPTEMBER 1ST 2016
Time zone used: GMT +2:00 (Central European Time)

Have fun!!

yall this looks super fun I just signed up. Anyone in?


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