Im not sure if it is meta or theory, I never done this before, also who noticed that the agra was originally in russian letters wasn’t me, I dont remember who, Im sorry.

Ok so, first pic is the name A.G.R.A. in russian, second is a close up, the third is the envelope in tgg where Sherlock receive the pink phone, and say it is woman handwritting, the fourth is russian cursive letter, because the way Sherlock’s name was in the envelope kept bothering me, and I, at least, found the letters very similar in their shapes, specially the “L”

So, @softsons, sorry to bother  you, but  it’s really bugging me, am I reading too much, or this may be one more tie between mary and moriarty?

Sorry for my english too

That ink really looks like J. Herbin Myosotis Blue. Might not be, could be a different brand, etc, but it’s my favourite ink and the one I use almost every day. @softsons, any chance the origin of the ink matters? If it is the Myosotis Blue, it’s made in France but available a lot of different places (I got mine in Canada).


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