one of my most favourite gifs!


Yo this just proves my headcanon that Sherlock totally exfoliates and uses expensive moisturizer and gets a facial at least once a month. Boy’s skin is flawless.

@thingssherlockshouldwear he definitely does! 

The medicine cabinet in the bathroom at 221B is packed full of skincare stuff; bottles and tubes and jars half with labels that John can’t read: in French and Italian (and one in Icelandic, for some reason). 

Once John walked into the bathroom when the door was cracked halfway open and saw Sherlock standing there in his faded pajama bottoms, studying his reflection intently as he spread something green out of a jar onto his cheeks. John’s heart had stuttered a bit as he took in the light glinting off of the few drops of water that stuck to Sherlock’s damp, lank hair, and John had turned quickly and stumbled up the stairs to…Well. I think we all know what he intended to do when he got to his room.

@apismel1fera Sherlock was totally aware of what happened and he totally joined John in his room (about 20 minutes later. He had to let his skin absorb the face mask first. Haha.)

@thingssherlockshouldwear that’s perfect, I love it! Ok we should write something together clearly. (if u want???)


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