Megabyte is an unusual bun. She hops into my lap for “cuddles.” To emphasize, if anyone is considering getting a bunny companion please do your research. I rescued this little girl from the local pound where she was probably going to be euthanized for biting one of the workers. She was very aggressive with us until she settled in, but that doesn’t mean that every nervous rescue bunny will be this affectionate.

One of my bunnies (I have a bonded pair) is VERY aggressive. She’s some sort of mix, likely an English spot/some sort of lop. Her default state with people is aggression, and she growls and scratches and tries to bite anyone who tries to pet her. 

The exception is the other bunny-she’s completely devoted to him (don’t worry they’re both fixed!) and they are always cuddling and grooming each other and basically being BFFs. He’s a little netherlands dwarf, and he loves people-loves to be picked up, will happily sit in your lap for a couple hours and be petted while you read a book or watch a movie. 

TL;DR Bunnies all have different personalities, just like people! And, even a vicious rabbit that seems to be part chainsaw has a sweet side 🙂


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