i can’t get over the fact that if you google image search ‘jealous john’ the first two rows are entirely john being jealous over sherlock like you don’t even have to specify from bbc sherlock you don’t have to type johnlock you don’t have to specify ‘john watson’ just type the two words ‘jealous john’ and you will get images of john saying ‘you flirted with sherlock holmes?’ to irene, of john saying ‘57’ after having counted all 57 texts from irene to sherlock, of john saying to irene ‘you’ve texted him A LOT’, of john’s reactions when sherlock and janine kiss, of john’s face with the green background when janine’s there, of john saying ‘you have a girlfriend?’ to sherlock, of john watching sherlock fake propose to janine it’s all JOHN JOHN JOHN JEALOUS OVER SHERLOCK



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