I’m so here for Matt McGorry. I first saw him in OitNB as Bennett (and if you’re up-to-date on that show it’s easy to boo the shit out of his character) so I never thought much of anything about his actor.

But then I start seeing him on social media. He does being a white man so well. He’s an outspoken feminist and he speaks up when there’s injustice that’s affecting the black community. Basically he cares about things that don’t directly affect him, unlike a lot of people in similar positions. And more importantly, he voices his support. He doesn’t just wait for someone to ask him for his opinion so that he can dance around the question and give the most vague non-answer imaginable.

AND he understands his privilege and openly admits that even though he speaks up about these issues he is not an expert. (Meaning he doesn’t do that condescending thing some white people do when they think they understand things like racism and inequality better than the people who actually experience it. i.e. Matt Damon)

And on top of all this, he doesn’t take himself too seriously

He’s funny

Among other things…

And omg when he’s with Alfred Enoch

Basically what I’m saying is protect this beautiful cinnamon roll of a man. I’m here for Matt McGorry. I’m here for him cuz he’s here for me. 

Where he says that he’s never seen “all lives matter” promoted by people who ACTUALLY do social justice work: that is such a good point. I’d seen his save the rainforests tweet before but not the rest of these. Thanks for sharing!


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