We have reached 1,000 followers.
That happened

There will be winners in this giveaway.
EIGHT winners.
We’ll choose them in an order.
The first place winner will choose which pack they want, the second place winner will choose from whichever packs are left, and so on.
We will only ship to the US and Canada! If you live outside one of those countries and win, you will get the special BRITISH PACK even if you don’t live in the United Kingdom and I will decide what goes in that later.

Here are the packs which I know is what you’ve been waiting for

The Cake Pack

  • Two packages of cake mix
  • A package of frosting
  • A container of sprinkles
  • Two cardstocked ace facts

The Jewelry Pack

  • An ace ring
  • A necklace
  • A bracelet
  • Two cardstocked ace facts
  • Nail polish in ace colors

The Death Pack

  • Extra fudgy brownie mix
  • Fudge frosting mix
  • A vegetable
  • Something bright pink
  • Something autographed by the Mods

The Loser Pack

  • Some stuff from Mod L’s house that they don’t want
  • An ace fact that has been ripped in half and stepped on
  • A target giftcard for $2.52

The Confused Pack

  • Some stuff from Mod M’s house they don’t want
  • A pair of kiddie scissors
  • A cut out question mark, possibly glitter glued

The SRS Business Pack

  • All the ace facts so far in a folder
  • Maybe it’s autographed

The Cat Pack

  • A rainbow wallet from the dollar store which I will painstaking repaint in ace colors

The Minecraft Pack

  •     Mod M will make you something rad in minecraft
  •  maybe a Minecraft poster if I go to the dollar store between now and then


  • You may Reblog and Like this post once.
  • Following not necessary, but appreciated.
  • One fact submission will count as one entry.
  • You get one submission per person.
  • Song covers (of ace songs that are written before and after this post) count as one entry each but also we will post them on this blog which is potentially embarrassing.
  • Mods are not allowed to enter this contest

The giveaway will end in one month, and we will announce the winners shortly after that.

Thank you all so much for following us! It makes our day, every day!

With No Love But Plenty of Cake,

the Mods


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